Psychotherapist Mary Beth Cooke

You are not alone.

Sometimes it may feel as if no one understands what you are going through. Talking to a licensed professional counselor or marriage and family therapist who actually listens and cares about helping you can boost you through periods of confusion, loneliness, and/or overwhelm.

Some of you may have suffered real trauma, either in childhood or adulthood, and you need guidance and expertise to help you get "unstuck." Some of you may be experiencing relationship difficulties. Perhaps there is open conflict/hostility, or long periods of detachment without intimate, loving communication. You need effective techniques to be a better partner, sister, brother, mother, father, or friend.

You need a therapist with expert education and training who brings a depth and breadth of life experiences to guide you on the path toward a happier life and more satisfying relationships. You need someone who has a passion for helping and who understands the importance of considering your whole self (your culture, your family, your biology, your environment) in therapy. I strive to be this person in my client's lives, and I would love to have this opportunity with you.

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